4D Bioprinting Can Have Miraculous Potential In Regenerative Medicine

A group of Portugese Researchers are working towards 4D Bioprinting in Regenerative medicine and ultimately pave the path for bioprinting human tissues for medical uses. With 3D Printing enhanced with 4th dimension, the researchers point out the potential to have greater control over size, shape and interconnectivity. Through 4D Bioprinting, researchers will be able to morph bioinks into viable cells and tissues without the boundaries of nature, however, this is yet to be explored in terms of temperature, peripheral chemicals, stress and UV light exposure, and ofcourse, the nature itself.

Source: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/330367198_Four-Dimensional_Bioprinting_for_Regenerative_Medicine_Mechanisms_to_Induce_Shape_Variation_and_Potential_Applications