• Dental SG Formalabs

    Formalabs recently launched its Dental SG Resin, a certified biocompatible Class 1 material, designed specifically for creating high-precision surgical guides directly from 3D models. Marketed as first commercially available biocompatible resin for desktop printing, it will provide high-precision drill guides from digital scan data for implant surgeries.

  • Tongue Cancer Survivor receives 3D Printed Jaw

    Shirley Anderson lost his lower jaw after surgery and radiotherapy for his tongue cancer diagnosed in 1998. However, meeting with Dr. Travis Bellicchi, a maxillofacial prosthetics specialist, he received a 3D Printed Jaw prosthetic printed from Formalabs 3D Printer.

  • Ashford Orthodontics Go Digital To Help 3D Print Dental Aligners

    The largest orthodontic laboratory in the United Kingdom is Ashford Orthodontics, which was founded in 2001 by Sean Thompson. Working with Formlabs Form 2 and aligners models, the new scans sent by the clients are 3D Printed overnight which are then delivered to the clinicians arriving within the next 48 hours. They have gone fully digital, abolishing the traditional route which helps the client in cost and time savings.

  • Students Design Wearable Health Monitoring Device Powered By Body Heat

    A group of students from Santa Clara University have developed a partially 3D printed wristband prototype that uses body heat, ambient air and heat sinks to create a temperature difference across thermoelectric modules, which generates extremely low voltage electrical power required to run the device itself. The device consists of four subsystems: power generation, voltage boost, battery charging and wearability and the device was 3D Printed using Formalabs Form 2 3D printer.

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