• steiner legbrace 800x450

    The KAFO Splint is a customizable, lightweight, fashionable – and functional – leg brace design.  Industrial designer, Or Steiner gave the old-fashioned leg brace a modern update which fuses the aesthetically pleasing with the strength needed to support a patient.

  • stethoscope 800x450

    Tarek Loubani, an emergency physician working in the Gaza strip, has 3D-printed a 30 cent stethoscope that beats the world's best $200 equivalent as part of a project to bottom-out the cost of medical devices.

  • premie feeder 800x450

    Ravid Koriat Barkan, a recent graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, created a bottle/syringe hybrid that allows for extremely accurate measurements of the amount of milk given to a premature baby.  The system can also manually feed the baby directly from the mother’s breast, or if necessary, by connecting it via a feeding tube directly into the baby’s stomach.

  • Israeli company, Nano dimension has proposed use of stem cells in 3-D bioprinters which will be groundbreaking to medical world. The whole project is in partnership with stem cell research company Accellta.

  • Leading 3D Printing companies are already using Bio-inks, when Israeli company, CollPlants has different plans. Plant-based RhCollagen is totally new to 3D Printing market, especially after it is backed up by Israel's Ministry of Economy by 1.4 million USD.

  • Nano Dimesnion has announced that it has filed patent application too U.S Patent and Trademark Office for the 3D printing of stem cells. The patent discloses it will be using MRI and CT scans to print biological structure of the tissue or organ using 3D bioprinter and bioink materials. The patent came after concept of 3D printing stem cells weeks back.

  •  Nano Dimensions Patent

    Nano Dimensions ltd announced today that they filed a patent application with US for printing of shielded conductors combined in a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). They have developed a 3d printing method that creates printed sheaths to shield conductors like insulated cables.

  •  heart patch 3d

    Researchers from Tel Aviv University (Israel) have managed to engineer a Nanotech ‘heart patch’ which could enable remote monitoring and regulation of a patient’s heart. Currently replacing the infarcted heart muscle, it is worked upon to sense acute attacks and deliver drugs instantly in response to heart damage.

  • 3D Printed Medical Marijuana Inhaler by Syqe

    Syqe Medical, an Israeli drug delivery company has introduced a 3D Printed Medical Marijuana Inhaler which can deliver metered doses of cannabis or weed, thereby providing a controlled treatment. The inhaler will be free of smoke or other carcinogenic materials, and is expected to be distributed by Teva Pharmaceuticals, once the FDA approval is gained next year.

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