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    Reinout Holtrup, a student of industrial design at the University of Twente in the Netherlands created a prototype for a DLP 3D printer called the XZEED Multi-Material DLP Printer which can print with up to five materials/colors at once.

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    Researchers at the University of Twente in the Netherlands have successfully built 3d printed scaffolds to increase the success rate of an experimental method used to help Type 1 diabetes patients.

  • Dutch researchers at the University of Groningen claim they can 3D print teeth made of anti-microbial plastic. This anti-microbacterial plastic can kill 99% of bacteria which cause tooth decay. Quaternary ammonium salts inside existing dental resin polymers can prevent tooth decay, so you never have to worry about losing teeth again.

  • Inspite of cutting out the injuries and prescribing medications for pain, 3D printing has opened new doors of Orthobiologics. 3D Bone Implants such as CT-Bone® from Next21 and Xilloc and Repair and Regeneration techniques from Kuros Biosciences and Bioventus are some of the landmarks of 3D printing sectors.

  •  3D Printed Cheese

    Michaëla van Leeuwen, a farmer in Netherlands, launched her 3D printed Cheese product at a Dutch food conference in April. Criticizing the falling prices of milk in Netherlands, she believes this added product will increase relationship with her customers and also allow creating a niche market.

  •  3D Printed Ear Models for Education by Erasmus Medical Center

    Surgeons and doctors of Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, are using 3D printed bones and structures as training models for students. The first test started on 21 June in Rotterdam, and involved a 3D printed mastoid bone while these bones were developed by Medical Data.

  •  Physician drives long way to deliver 3D Printed Prosthetics to Children for Charity

    A 29-year old, Dr. Lars Brouwers is a physician from Tilburg, Netherlands, who is on a mission to deliver 3D Printed Prosthetic Hands to children who faced war violence in Sierra Leone. For the charity, he is also delivering a desktop 3D Printer, Ultimaker 3 with cost of $3,000 but donated for free by Ultimaker. Using a 1995 Saab for three week long drive to Sierra Leone, they will supporting the charitable international Global Minimum organization, and its Innovate Salone program for school children, with their 3D printed prosthetic hands.

  • 3D Printed Surgical Guides Help Enhance Total Knee Replacement Surgeries

    Staff at Orthoparc in the Netherlands have developed a method of patient-centered total knee replacement through Surgical Guides that helps make the surgery less invasive, removing the need to drill into the femur canal as in traditional knee replacement surgery procedures and simultaneously increase the comfort of patient. These surgical guides are produced using data gathered about an individual patient’s knee and are fabricated in-house on a 3D printer. When placed upon the patient during surgery, they guide the surgeon to exactly where cuts need to be made in relationship to where the knee is resting.

  • 3D Printed Anatomical Models Closer To Human Cadavers Says Research

    A group of researchers from the Netherlands finished a validation study to test the accuracy of 3D printed anatomical models for surgical planning purposes which included dissecting nine human cadavers to acquire three specimens each of a pelvis, hand, and foot, and inserting Titanium Kirschner (K-) wires in them to mark important anatomical landmarks. Using a Siemens Somatom Definition AS 64-slice CT to scan the specimens, and then using Phillips Intellispace Portal software for 3D reconstructions, the models were 3D Printed using an Ultimaker 3 and a Makerbot Replicator Z18 using PLA material.

  • Aspect Biosystems Collaborate With Maastricht University For 3D Printed Kidney Tissue

    The Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine (MERLN) at Maastricht University, Netherlands, have announced their partnership with Aspect Biosystems, a tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting company. Through this collaboration, RX1 Bioprinting Platform by Aspect will be placed inside Professor Lorenzo Moroni’s Lab at the university, which then will be used by Dr. Carlos Mota to work towards 3D Printed Kidney Tissue. There, Dr. Carlos Mota, the head of bioprinting research, will put it to good use developing 3D bioprinted kidney tissue.

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