Dental 3D Scanning and Printing

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Richard McComas is Senior Editor covering Dental Industry Trends in 3D Printing and Scanning.  Richard has a Masters Degree in Education and speaks at industry conferences and developes workflows and curriculum for 3d techhnology education in Dentistry.  Richard is an Industry Analyst and Opinion Leader who has written, researched and covered consumer and professional technologies for more than 10 years as both a journalist and market researcher.

3D Printed Teeth that fight off Bacteria

Dutch researchers at the University of Groningen claim they can 3D print teeth made of anti-microbial plastic. This anti-microbacterial plastic can kill 99% of bacteria which cause tooth decay. Quaternary ammonium salts inside existing dental resin polymers can prevent tooth decay, so you never have to worry about losing teeth again.

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Australian Man Receives 3D Printed Titanium Jaw Prosthesis

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Surgeons have successfully implanted a titanium 3D-printed prosthetic jaw in a Melbourne man in an Australian-first operation.  The patient, 32-year-old psychologist Richard Stratton, was missing part of his jawbone including the left condyle, the joint to the skull.

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