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Dr Varun Tyagi is a medical doctor who practices in India and writes about remarkable and historical landmarks throughout the medical world.  Dr Varun believes that 3D printing can help democratize medical care, making medical devices affordable and available to everyone on the planet.

War Victims Start Receiving 3D Printed Prosthetics

Foundations like the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Foundation and International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) are working round the clock to provide new life to more than 1 million victims of war in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Jordan by providing them 3D Printed Prosthetics. Using the 3D Scanning Technology and 3D Printing simultaneously, the parts can be printed without even doctor-patient meeting, while also cut down the heavy cost of traditional prosthetics that tend to be unfit and uncomfortable to the wearer.

Source: http://www.irinnews.org/photo-feature/2018/08/29/3d-printing-offers-new-hope-war-wounded