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What Makes Us Different?

Cellular 3D is a niche research, media and information outlet working with world-class surgical and restorative medical and dental practitioners who are introducing 3d technologies into their practices, including 3d surgical planning assisted by simulations, models and guides, and 3d printing of medical and dental implants and prosthetics, with an eye toward developing and advancing 3d bioprinting and bio-ink development.

Cellular 3D leadership has over 100 combined years of experience covering trends and news in high tech industries with emerging technology adoption. Our founders pioneered some of the earliest supercomputing, scientific, and mobile computing platforms and have assisted thousands of companies worldwide with technology adoption.


3D Printing Technology

Cellular3D covers all advances in 3D printing technologies that have a medical applications, and our consulting arm supports key clients with process analysis, installation and implementation, and training and support on a variety of open and closed systems. 

Material Science

With dozens of new 3D printed materials being developed every year, Cellular3D makes it our mission to test and evaluate all materials before making product recommendations to clients.

 Best Practices

While rapid prototyping has been around for decades, 3D manufacturing and and bioprinting are still in their infancy, and Cellular3D is continually developing new sets of "best practices" for implementing and managing evolving technologies and materials.


3D Hubs Releases 3D Printing Trends Report for July 2015

Every month, 3D Hubs, a platform which connects 3D printer owners with people locally who need something printed via hubs, pull together data they gather from their network of individuals and companies who use their service, and they use that data to build a wide-ranging trend report on the market.


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