• Orthodontists can now get 3D printers that make retainers from this Chattanooga startup

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    "Our [system] will straighten the teeth in incremental steps," said Dan Knoch, who founded iPrint 3D. In the years since, Knoch has adopted ever-more-sophisticated technology — building 3D printers, scanners and software in-house — to fulfill his vision of straightening peoples' teeth.

  • Unique challenges by Orthodontists now solved with technology

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    There’s no pain or discomfort, and young patients find it “cool” to watch their teeth begin to take shape in 3D on the computer screen. A trip to the orthodontist has suddenly become a high-tech, almost futuristic, experience. In this specific case, taking digital impressions instead of traditional impressions.

  • Irish Researchers Invent 3D Printer For Application In Neurophysiology

     Irish Researchers Invent 3D Printer For Application In Neurophysiology

    Thomas Campbell and James F.X. Jones, Researchers from School of Medicine, University College Dublin, Ireland, have a created a new Open-Source 3D Printer relying on an XYZ positioning system capable of moving a sensor or probe. The latest FDM printer is run by a standard Raspberry Pi 3, incorporated with Open Computer Vision Library (OpenCV), Arduino Mega, RAMPS 1.4 motor shield, and NEMA17 bipolar stepper motors and approximately cost around $670.20. The applications include: Automated Microscopy Script that links seamlessly with image stitching plugins in ImageJ (Fiji) allowing the user to create high resolution montages application of graded rates of stretch to muscle spindles, a component of reflexes in our human body.

  • TruPrint 2000 From TRUMPF Revealed At Formnext 2019

    TruPrint 2000 From TRUMPF Revealed At Formnext 2019

    TRUMPF, a German High-Tech Company launched a new 3D Printer- TruPrint 2000, at Frankfurt’s Formnext 2019, which is believed to be compatible with environment of aerospace, automotive, mechanical engineering, tool and mold making, as well as the medical and dental engineering industries. The machine processes the printing powder in an inert gas environment, which prevents contaminants from infiltrating the powder circuit and is a key advantage for applications such as sensitive medical devices. The TruPrint 2000 features a multilaser design with two 300-watt lasers working in tandem and is capable of printing parts out of Titanium. Additionally, the machine includes automated powder bed and melts pool quality monitoring, notification in the event of an error, and an end-to-end documentation trail.

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