• WASP Introduces 3D Printed Conductive Casts and Cranial Implants

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    The WASProject has announced that they are teaming with the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute to bring not one, but two separate 3D printed medical innovations into reality.  “We’re developing 3D printers with bigger sizes and bigger nozzles,” explained WASP’s founder, Massimo Moretti. 

  • Russian Zdravprint 3D Prints Splints in Hospital Environment

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    A Russian 3D printing company, Zdravprint, is using Replicator printers to create custom splints in a real-time hospital environment.  “Zdravprint has significantly moved forward,” Nadir Khabdulin, of Maxfield Capital Venture Fund, a seed investor of Zdravprint, tells 3DPrint.com

  • Exovite Heals Broken Bones Faster with 3D Printing

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    Exovite is currently “developing a system of immobilization and rehabilitation tools that will create a revolution in the field of orthopedics and musculoskeletal treatments.”  The Rehabilitation System attached to the 3D printed cast uses an electrostimulator, which allows the immobilization to be completed and to start rehabilitation and make those two processes overlap.

  • Internet of Things 3D Printed BOOMcast Leg Cast Incorporates Electronics

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    BOOMcast is a 3D printed cast with embedded electronics that enable a doctor to monitor the leg’s physical state from anywhere in the world. 

  • Bespoke Innovations Casts Can be Worn in the Shower

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    Bespoke Innovations has started using 3D printing to make custom cast prototypes that would stabilize broken body parts and can be worn in the shower and can even make the healing process more efficient.

  • How 3D Printing is Evolving the Medical Field

    How 3D Printing is Evolving the Medical Field

    From 3D Printed Prosthetics, Super-Healing Casts, Hairs, Skin and 3D Printed Micro-Lens for surgery to Implants of almost every body part, 3D Printing is helping in medical field making everything possible for the miserable lives of patients. But what is the future of 3D Printing? One day we will be able to 3D Print entire human body from simple DNA, as some researchers have already started to work on 3D Printing Real Organs for transplants in human bodies.

  • 3D Printed Cast are Modern but may not be Cheap

     3D Printed Cast are Modern but may not be Cheap

    3D Printed casts have appeared as one of the useful tools of the technology since the designs are lightweight and the plastic features round openings allow for more breathability. These openings make it easier for doctors to access the broken limb, as well as making daily tasks more manageable for the patient. Comparatively, 3D Printed Cast Design helped with determining skin health, and it made re-dressing wounds easier. Companies like Xkelet, based in Spain, have gained recognition for their cast whose clinical trial will be starting in September. However, their prices continue to be cause of worry.

  • ActivArmor and Aniwaa Receive Funding for Developing 3D Printing Industry

     ActivArmor and Aniwaa receive funding for developing 3D Printing Industry

    ActivArmor, a Colorado-based company recently received Advanced Industries Accelerator Grant of $750,000 to develop 3D Printed Waterproof Casts that will prevent water or bacteria from invading the casts. On the other hand, 3D printer comparison website Aniwaa was selected as one of three startups to receive investment funding under the $5 million Smart Axiata Digital Innovation Fund (SADIF). The CEO and Co-founder Martin Lansard believes the funding will help them grow the 3D Printing Industry.

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