• Dubai Health Authority Working on a 3D printing Dental Services


    Dubai Health Authority is working on a 3D printing strategy for medical services. Dubai Health Authority stresses the importance of utilizing smart technology especially 3D printing in diagnosing, preventing and treating patients and sees dental care as a sector with huge potential.

  • 3D Printed Phantoms For Breast Cancer Diagnostic Training

    3D Printed Phantoms For Breast Cancer Diagnostic Training

    US Researchers recently used 3D Printing to create Phantoms for training Radiologists to diagnose Breast cancer using Core Needle Biopy, the major diagnostic method available. While the usual phantoms for training cost around 350-450 USD, the 3D Printed Phantoms cost less and were much efficient in terms of acceptable US beam penetration and material hardness for simulation of human breast tissue integrity. The three breast phantom models were printed in multiple resins available through Stratasys, including VeroClear, TangoPlus and Tissue Matrix.

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