• Eye Cavity Repaired with OBL 3D Printed Titanium Implant

    eye plate 800x450

    Dr. Vives, Head of the Maxillofacial Surgery Department at the University Hospital of La Réunion, used a patient-specific mini-plate system from OBL, a Materialise company, to return Maxime’s eye to a physically and aesthetically comfortable position.

  • Revolutionising Medical Education with 3D Printing

    Anatomy of medical world was dominated by formaldehyde smelling cadavers and high cost plastic models for education. However, researchers of Australia and New Zealand are now using 3D printers like Z650 printer to prepare medical models of eye for ophthalmologists and optometrists. Apart from being low cost, they serve with better quality and easy learning.

  • 3D Print Adapter to solve Oculus Rift CV1 Lens fitting

    New Oculus Rift CV1 virtual reality headset hardware is somewhat tricky for glass users. Thanks to 3D printer design for Oculus Rift CV1 prescription lens adapter by Thingiverse member Jegstad, this issue is finally resolved.

  • Fuel3D awarded £1.2M for Custom Eyewear Scanners

    Fuel3D Custom Eyewear Scanning

    Fuel3D was awarded £1.2M European Union’s Horizon 2020 for developing 3D scanning system for custom eyewear. This scanning system will allow gathering a customer's facial data in a single scan and using it to generate custom eyewear that is designed specifically for them.

  • On-Spot iMcustom Insoles Scanned & 3D Printed

     insoles 3d print

    iMcustom announced today the official launch of the first-ever 3D scanning and insole printing system. This system will move additive manufacturing (3D printing) inside of medical & retail stores nationwide giving consumers accurate 3D foot scans in minutes along with a personalized insole recommendation that can be 3D printed in the store, within 2 hours.

  • Luxury Glasses from Materialise and Belgian Designer

     3D Print Materialise David Ring Luxury Glasses

    Materialise and Belgian Desginer, Dávid Ring, produced luxury custom eyeglasses which are completely printed using 3D Print Technology. For the lenses, the team used Stereolithography while for the frames, Laser Sintered was used.

  • 3D Printing continues to create Better Life for Disabled

     3D Printing for Disabled

    Special Neck Switch for19-year old Christopher Hills with Cerebral palsy and Quadriplegia, Customized Bionic eye for people with vision loss, Atari Joystick for a young Atari lover, Personalized Grip Covers for Disabled workers, uncountable prosthetics for disabled, are some of the achievements 3D Printing has been grabbing. There's still more for 3D Printing to come, and still more to present landmarks.

  • 3D Printed Lens Provides Treatment for Seizures Due to Extreme Light

     3D Printed Lens provides Treatment for Seizures due to Extreme Light

    Logan Williams, a student at the University of Canterbury, has developed a 3D Printed Polarized Lens called the Polar Optics that help fight against Epileptic Seizures caused by Photosensitivity. The lens combat the effects of flashing lights through refraction of light entering the wearer’s eyes and therefore reducing the intensity of light to reduce the damage done.

  • IdiPAZ Researchers in Spain Roll 3D Printed Corneas to Tackle Huge Demand of Donors

     IdiPAZ Researchers in Spain pave way for 3D Printed Corneas to tackle Huge Demand of Donors

    Researchers at Biomedical Research Institute of La Paz Hospital (IdiPAZ) in Spain are working to 3D print cornea substitutes, using a patient’s own stem cells and thereby reduce the huge global demand of over 10 million people to donate corneas. The project called ‘Cornal stroma fabrication’ will include use of steam cells from patients to be used for 3D printing the custom corneas and using tissue engineering to regenerate different layers of the cornea for Corneal Transplant.

  • Into The Future: Bionic Eye Is Nearly Ready

    Breakthrough 3D Printed Bionic Eye Could Restore or Enhance Sight

    A team of researchers at University of Minnesota researchers are working on what they call “Bionic Eye” by Custom 3D Printing photoreceptors on a hemispherical surface. The process consumed hemispherical glass dome, silver particle base ink, semiconducting polymer materials and approximately one hour. With 25% efficiency, they are now planning to create prototypes that are even more efficient and could be worked upon for implantation into a real eye, thereby restoring or improving sight.

  • Man Receives New 3D Printed Eye, Thanks To 3D Print And UC Davis Surgeons

    Man Receives New 3D Printed Eye Thanks To 3D Print And UC Davis Surgeons

    Joseph Michael was attacked in his home in 2013 leaving him with damage to eye socket and causing double vision. The Surgeons from UC Davis Medical Center, California, used CT scans of his left eye and converted the data into 3D Data, which was then used to 3D Print the exact replica for his right eye using Desktop Printer Ultimaker 3 Extended. The mirroring of left eye for re-building the right one, along with reconstructing the orbit and cheekbone was one of the finest process they UC Davis Doctors achieved.

  • 3D Printing The Realistic Custom Eye Prosthetics

    3D Printing The Realistic Custom Eye Prosthetics

    A Team led by Professor Yoon Jin-sook from Severance Hospital, South Korea worked on 3D Printing Custom Eye Prosthetics on a large scale by solving the production cost and time. Following the scan of patient’s eye and conversion of data into STL file, the Eye were 3D Printed using Carima DS131 and Biocompatible Photopolymer Resin (FotoTec DLP.A, Dreve Inc.). To give them much realistic look, the Sublimation Transfer Technique was used to print the image of the iris and blood vessels on the 3D-printed ocular prosthesis.

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