• Mark 1 to be first 3D Printed 50,000$ Humanoid Robot

    After spending 50k$ on 3D Printed Humanod Robot, Mark 1, the graphic designer, Ricky Ma from Hong Kong finally completed his dream project. Although "She" looks like Scarlett Johansson, this humanoid is designed to perform complex functions. Ricky is currently looking for investors who would buy her.


  • Hong Kong Researchers to use 3D Printing for Heart Surgery

    Chinese University and the University of Hong Kong have introduced personalised models of complex heart structures using 3D Printing technology. The actual heart structure is first captured via ultrasound imaging, followed by the creation of a silicone model which takes two days. It has been applied on 3 patients, first being a 78 year old woman with several strokes. With this, doctors can now determine proper size of occluder.

  • Hong Kong Hospital perform first Surgery of its kind using 3D Printing

     Hong Kong Hospital perform first Surgery of its kind using 3D Printing

    A medical team of 8 members at Hong Kong-based Queen Elizabeth Hospital team used 3D printing technology to create a detailed heart model of their 77-year-old patient Shum. The medical specialists performed a surgery that involved the replacing of two heart valves through blood vessels in a single operation. The surgery with 3D Printing involved minimal invasiveness and was completed in just four hours.

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