• Organovo to 3D Print Partial Organs within 4-6 Years

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    Keith Murphy, CEO of Organovo, stated that his company will be able to 3D print partial organs within the next 4-6 years. These partial organs could be used to repair damaged organs, such as the liver, providing valuable time to patients as they await a full transplant.

  • Researcher Says 3D Printing of Solid Organs Still Decades Away

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    ElectroMaterials researcher Cathal O'Connell believes that while hollow organs, such as the bladder, were printed a decade ago, printing ‘solid organs’, such as the kidney or the liver, are still probably a couple of decades into the future.

  • 3D Printing helps toddler survive Adult Kidney Transplant

    This was the first time a child received an adult kidney transplant, thanks to 3D Printing technology. Surgeons at London's Guy and St.Thomas hospital used 3D printed models of abdomen of Lucy, 3 year old receiver, and kidney of Lucy's father aged 35 years. Looking at the models, they knew how to minimise the risk of surgery and what was exactly going to happen, with both having perfect recovery now.

  • 3D Printed Organs vs The Black Market

    3D Printed Organs vs The Black Market

    3D Bioprinting is being used in laboratories to produce hearts, livers, kidneys, etc. and no doubt, will be printed in reality for organ transplantation in real patients. But this on the other side, has increased the risk of black market and the ways bad guys will be utilizing these 3D Printed Organs. Since these organs will be available for normal people easily, criminals will find ways to make it not so.

  • Aspect Biosystems Collaborate With Maastricht University For 3D Printed Kidney Tissue

    Aspect Biosystems Collaborate With Maastricht University For 3D Printed Kidney Tissue

    The Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine (MERLN) at Maastricht University, Netherlands, have announced their partnership with Aspect Biosystems, a tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting company. Through this collaboration, RX1 Bioprinting Platform by Aspect will be placed inside Professor Lorenzo Moroni‚Äôs Lab at the university, which then will be used by Dr. Carlos Mota to work towards 3D Printed Kidney Tissue. There, Dr. Carlos Mota, the head of bioprinting research, will put it to good use developing 3D bioprinted kidney tissue.

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