• 3D Printing pumps life to Artificial Organs

    Researchers at Rice University and University of Pennsylvania have developed a 3D Printed Implant with an intricate network of blood vessels using sugar and silicone. This implant will deliver oxygen and nutrients to all cells in an artificial organ or tissue implant and thereby, helping them grow despite body liability to supply them.

  • 3D Printed Thermos can help diagnose Zika virus

     3D Print Thermos for Zika Virus

    Engineers from University of Pennsylvania have developed a test kit for diagnosing Zika Virus which could cost as less as $2 and doesn't need electricity or technical information of usage. Made of thermos bottle and integrated heating element, the color changing will provide rapid diagnosis for zika virus and reduce mortality rate.

  • Camber Spine and Renovis Tech Receives FDA (510)k Clearance for Spinal Implants

     Camber Spine and Renovis Surgical Technologies receive FDA 510k Clearance for their Spinal Implants

    Two companies recently announced that they have received (510)k clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for 3D printed titanium spinal implants. While Camber Spine Technologies from Pennsylvania received FDA clearance for its SPIRA Open Matrix ALIF device, an interbody fusion implant; the other one was Renovis Surgical Technologies from California for its posterior lumbar Tesera porous titanium interbody fusion systems.

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