• 3D Printable Micro-Organs are no longer a myth

    Researchers at Drexel university of Philadelphia and Tsinghua University of Beijing are claiming that using embryonic stem cells combined with hydrogel scaffolds, they can finally print micro-organs. These micro-organs can be anything from brain tissue, heart cells or bone.

  • 3D Printing pumps life to Artificial Organs

    Researchers at Rice University and University of Pennsylvania have developed a 3D Printed Implant with an intricate network of blood vessels using sugar and silicone. This implant will deliver oxygen and nutrients to all cells in an artificial organ or tissue implant and thereby, helping them grow despite body liability to supply them.

  • 3D Printed Hand for Girl born without Fingers

     Emmy Hoffman 3D Printed Hand

    Emmy Hoffman from Philadelphia was born with Symbrachydactly, which didn't allow her to fingers to grow since birth. Shoemaker and a team at Mission College collaborated to produce a 3D Printed Prosthetic hand for Emmy, helping her ride her new bike again.

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