• After 400k$, TriFusion Devices bags another 35k$ for 3D Printing

    After winning the Grand prize of 400k$ at Rice Business Plan Competition, TriFusion Devices won another 35k$ as the second prize. The newly arrived 3D printing company launched by three Texas A&M students is beating all heats of the competition and emerging as superpower in world of 3D technology.

  • 3D Printing the Brain Cancer Tumors

    Scottish scientists from the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh have successfully 3D printed a brain tumor including the Glioblastoma. They believe it will help them develop treatment plans to help 250,000 cancer sufferers worldwide.

  • Conjoined Twins separated using 3D Printed Model

    Conjoined Twins 3D Print

    10 months old conjoined twins, Knatalye Hope and Adeline Faith were facing difficulties as their organs were attached and couldn't be operated easily. However, surgeons at Texas Children’s Hospital used Materialise’s Mimics software to design a 3D-printed model using CT scans and finally separated them successfully after 30 hours and 26 clinicians team.

  • 3D Printed Pizza for Astronauts: says NASA

     3D Printed Pizza Nasa

    BeeHex, a Texas company commissioned by NASA, has developed a device to 3D Print pizzas for astronauts who are scheduled to go Mars around 2030. While this device will churn out fine pizzas within half a minute, the bio-ink is edible and will roll out its manufacture soon.

  • 4Web Medical receives FDA Clearance for Lateral Interbody Fusion Devices

    4Web Medical Start 3D Printed Implant Industry Lateral Spine Truss System

    The Texas-based 4Web Medical Company has just announced that they received FDA clearance for their Lateral Interbody Fusion Devices. The platform consists of the Cervical Spine Truss System, the ALIF Spine Truss System, the Posterior Spine Truss System and the Osteotomy Truss System.  4WEB is currently developing truss implant designs for knee, hip, trauma and patient specific procedures where the patient will benefit from optimal porosity and osseous incorporation.

  • Sinterex and TAMU innovate Metal 3D Printing in Middle East

    Sinterex and TAMU innovate Metal 3D Printing in Middle East

    Engagement of Dr. Alaa Elwany of Texas A&M University , Dr. Paul Smith from Glasgow School of Art's Institute of Design Innvovation and Julian Callanan, founder of Sinterex led to development of Metal 3D Printing in middle east. Sinterex will provide consulting services as well as manufacturing services and the organization has announced their first Metal 3D Printer aiming for Biomedical Field.

  • Girl receives 3D Printed Arm from e-NABLE Library

    Girl receives 3D Printed Arm from e NABLE Library

    Five year-old Katelyn Vinick from Texas was born without a fully-formed left hand, and she and her family looking for an alternative to cosmetic hand for which they approached to Clear Lake City-County Freeman Branch Library, home of the Jocelyn H. Lee Innovation Lab, a free community makerspace containing, among other tools, multiple 3D printers. Branch Librarian, Jim Johnson selected the e-NABLE’s popular Team Unlimbited Arm for her which was 3D Printed after scaling the design.

  • 4WEB publicizes First Surgeries performed with Posterior Spine Truss System

    4WEB publicizes First Surgeries performed with Posterior Spine Truss System

    The Texas-Based company, 4WEB Medical earlier received the FDA clearance for the four implant systems using patented truss technology and now, they have announced the first surgeries performed using Curved Posterior Spine Truss System (PSTS) for TLIF procedures in U.S. The key feature noted by the orthopedics using this implant is the truss structure that that strengthens and reinforces the capabilities of orthopedic implants.

  • Texas Researchers Explains Era Of Powder Bed Fusion for 3D Printing Optimized Biomedical Implants

     Texas Researchers Explains Era Of Powder Bed Fusion for 3D Printing Optimized Biomedical Implants

    L.E.Murr, a researcher from the University of Texas at El Paso, wrote an overview of how 3D printing of Metal and Alloy Implants using powder bed fusion technologies, especially with commercial laser and electron beam systems, has rapidly emerged worldwide. He emphasized on key points: Applications of solidification fundamentals to powder bed fusion fabrication; Fundamentals of powder bed fusion AM of complex and porous biomedical implants; Design strategies for fabricating porous, optimized metal and alloy biomedical implants by powder bed fusion technologies and Examples of porous, powder-bed fabricated implants which included: Custom-built cranial/maxillofacial/implants and surgical, pre-operative models; 3D printed, open-cellular structure spinal implants; 3D implant designs for total hip arthroplasty; Total knee arthroplasty and open-cellular implant components and Complex skeletal reconstruction implants: personalization of implant fabrication through hospital point-of-care, 3D printing centers.

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