• Expanding e-NABLE to Ghana

    After forming an Inter-Continental partnership between Ishmael, Joe and Sena, e-NABLE was founded for Ghana. With no 3D Printers in ghana, they had to deliver 40 pre-printed hands, later to set the remarkable chapter.

  • FAU Students build hopes for Sierra Leone Survivor

     Sierra Leone 3D Print

    Damba Koroma, a survivor of Sierra Leone Civil war was left without a hand, thanks to Florida Atlantic University engineering graduate students who build her 3D Printed Prosthetic hand out of their pockets. Weinthal and Coarsey are now looking forward with bigger hopes for their "The Bionic Glove Project".

  • Physician Drives Long Way to Deliver 3D Printed Prosthetics to Children for Charity

     Physician drives long way to deliver 3D Printed Prosthetics to Children for Charity

    A 29-year old, Dr. Lars Brouwers is a physician from Tilburg, Netherlands, who is on a mission to deliver 3D Printed Prosthetic Hands to children who faced war violence in Sierra Leone. For the charity, he is also delivering a desktop 3D Printer, Ultimaker 3 with cost of $3,000 but donated for free by Ultimaker. Using a 1995 Saab for three week long drive to Sierra Leone, they will supporting the charitable international Global Minimum organization, and its Innovate Salone program for school children, with their 3D printed prosthetic hands.

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