drvarun sqMedical 3D Printing & Bioprinting

Dr Varun Tyagi is a medical doctor who practices in India and writes about remarkable and historical landmarks throughout the medical world.  Dr Varun believes that 3D printing can help democratize medical care, making medical devices affordable and available to everyone on the planet.

$25 3D Printed Vein Finder can be great assist for Nurses

While Alex, a military automative engineer, designed a cheap cost Vein finder for his girlfriend, it also became a breakthrough how effectiveness of 3D printing can not always mean cost. This Battery powered DIY device is easy to use and penetrates skin, fat tissue and oxygenated blood with ease.

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Nursing Students design 3D Printed Pill Boxes for HIV/AIDS Patients

AIDS is one of the diseases where patients require to take many medications to keep up with increased immunity loss. To tackle the issue of carrying so many pills, nursing students of Caldwell University have developed a unique pillbox for such patients. While the course, they worked on their design with interim director of Jennings LIbrary Ellen Johnston.

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UTSA set to 3D print organs now?

utsa teja guda organ 3d print

Researchers at UTSA are planning to start printing organs by next year. Dr. Guda expresses how regenerating bones and muscle tissues would no longer be a dream in world of medical bioprinting, cutting off the donor's list criteria on large scale.

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Canadian Company receives $1.16M for Uganda Prosthetics

 Canadian Uganda Prosthetics

Nia Technologies, Canadian nonprofit which provides “3D PrintAbility” orthopedic solutions in developing countries, received over $1.5M CAD ($1.16M USD) by Grand Challenges Canada, Google.org, Autodesk Foundation, and Stronger Philanthropy. Already undergone preliminary testing in Uganda in 2015, Nia Technologies will now be helping 225 children and young people to walk with 3d Printed Prosthetics.

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Pope blesses 3D Printing

 Pope blesses 3D Printing

A team of fifteen students from Massimiliano Massimo Institute,Rome, made a 3-D printer which makes prosthetic hands from plastic waste, received blessings from Pope Fracis. These 3d Printers are going to Uganda and Congo to make new hands for people maimed in civil wars, accidents, and by disease after crowd-funding from Crowd4Africa

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Joints are on the list too, What's next?

3D technology is able to print almost everything today, and Joints have just added to list. Although, they were discovered earlier, the new biocompatibility of these new joints structure is really worth-noting. Scientists at Mount Sinai Centre are already preparing the 3d printed joints that can mimic patient's own joints.

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Anatomy classes get their 3D Printed Frogs

3D Printed Frog Model

Scientists of Massey University, New Zealand, have developed 3D Printed Frog skeletons that will help the students learn anatomy. These skeleton and cartilage replicas were printed using a selective laser sintering 3D printer and will provide better approaches to anatomical dissections.

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A*STAR to develop better Titanium-Tantalum Alloy

Titanium Tantalum Alloy

Titanium-Aluminum mixture has been used for 3D Printed Implants already, and have been effective so far. However, researchers from Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore (A*STAR) have developed Titanium-Tantalum mixture that is more potent that traditional Titanium-Aluminum mixture.

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London to see first consumer 3D printed Wheelchair

London studio Layer has unveiled it's 3D printed Wheelchair that is set to go practical. This Wheelchair is made after taking exact dimensions of seats and footrests, while also account for weight of customer. It will take 2 weeks to be create this customized wheelchair.

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Materilise CEO calls for Improved Clinical Guidelines

 Materialise CEO

Fried Vancraen, CEO of Materialise has called upon stakeholders for agreement of common standards of clinical, economical and patient benefits of medical 3D printing. He stated that success can only be achieved with globally accepted set of guidelines helping the medical 3D printing industry to better persuade physicians, hospitals, and policy makers to adopt this increasingly valuable technology.

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3D Printing transforms an African Child's Life

Grace 3D Print Facial Reconstruction

Grace, an 8 year-old from Zambia, Africa was suffering a craniofacial abnormality with further complications from infections. Though being controlled the infection, surgeons had to find a way to re-form her forehead for which they approached 3D Printed Models using CT scans. Following Virtual Surgical Planning, they finally operated with success.

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Expanding e-NABLE to Ghana

After forming an Inter-Continental partnership between Ishmael, Joe and Sena, e-NABLE was founded for Ghana. With no 3D Printers in ghana, they had to deliver 40 pre-printed hands, later to set the remarkable chapter.

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e-NABLING the Uganda Kid

Amos, a young boy from Uganda was helped by Dr. Elizabeth Langran who brought the case to Marymount University. Amos from Arlington Academy of Hope received the prosthetic arm several years later when his real arm was torn off by an animal.

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Smashing the Boris: 3D Printed Tumor


Ten year-old Casey Doyle was diagnosed with Synovial cell sarcoma, whose 3D Printed model he first smashed at University of Michigan's C.S. Mott Children's Hospital. Later, Surgeons at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital removed the tumor in March, and helping get him another 3-D model replica of his tumor using MRI and polylactic acid.

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e-NABLING a Mother with 3D Printed Hand

Nini, a young woman who had lost her hand after an accident, was expecting a baby when e-NABLE found her. Christian Schild helped her 3D print her hand after 2 months of hurdles of lacking material. While the Indonesian woman is happy for her new life with her child, 3D Printing continues to serve the world.

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3D Printed Partial-Finger Prosthetic

3D Printed Partial Finger Prosthetic

Nick Brookins, media services engineer at Akamai Technologies was left with amputed finger in the hospital after a motorcycle accident in the mountains near San Diego. Inspired by the original Owen Replacement Finger design, he then developed his own 3D Printed Prosthetic called the Knick Finger from scratch using OpenScad code and printing it on his Printrbot Simple. The 3D Printed Knick Finger also protects his very sensitive nerve endings and reduces pain, he stated.

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e-NABLE volunteer dedicates life to transform 3D Printing into Helping Hand

e NABLE volunteer dedicates life to transform 3D Printing into Helping Hand

Aaron Brown of AXISLAB3D, an e-NABLE Community volunteer and sponsor of January CREATE T.I.M.E Design Challenge started working on 3D Printing when he sold his truck to buy first ROBO3D Printer. Till date, he has created over 50 devices for children in need with his most recent recipient, a young girl and her family who came to visit him at his 3D print shop in Grand Rapids, MI.

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Boy gets Hand for Cat's Cradle

Yukako, a japanese mother, was inspired by the 3D printed prosthetics being delivered around the globe. After downloading the blueprints from the internet, she instantly reached 3D prnting companies and brought a prosthetic hand for his son, Siego. Unhappy with simple design, she approached e-NABLE for help, who printed them Cyborg Design Hand.

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Chile boy receives Spiderman hand 3D printed

Anthonny, a four year-old boy in chile recently received a prosthetic hand from e-NABLE. With 4 member e-NALBE team, Prohand3D developed a prosthetic hand for anthonny after Team Unlimbited arm design, which was printed resembling Spiderman.

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Stryker Spine Division to introduce Tritanium PL Cage

Stryker Titatnium PL Cage

Stryker’s Spine division has developed Tritanium Posterior Lumbar (PL) Cage, a 3D-printed inter-vertebral body fusion device that aids in lumbar spinal fixation for patients with degenerative disc disease. This will be introduced at the American Association of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting April 30–May 4, 2016, in Chicago and is expected to be widely available for orthopaedics and neurosurgeons in mid-2016.

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Stratasys and Jacobs Institute to establish 3D Printing Centre

Partnering with Jacob Institute, Stratasys is going to open Centre of Excellence to advance the use of medical devices. This new COE will aim to develop and test new medical devices, enrich clinical education and serve as a referral center for hospitals.

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MEDICREA grabs FDA Approval UNiDâ„¢ for Cervical Rod

Medicrea Unid Cervical Rod

Medicrea, announced FDA approval of the first-ever patient-specific UNiD™Cervical rod for spine surgery, secured by their complementary PASS OCT® posterior cervical stabilization system. Being the only medical device company offering patient-specific implant solutions for spinal conditions, it rolled out it's first implantation of the UNiD™ Patient-Specific Cervical Rod in New York City on February 17,2016.

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Orthopaedician shifts from virtual model to 3d prints

Boyd Goldie, an orthopaedic doctor in london, has started working with Ultimaker 2+, a software that converts medical scans to printable models. This free open software adds to the charm of 3D printing of the models, which help the doctor to get most of this technology.

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Polish Artificial Heart 3D printed on Zortrax M200

 Zortrax M200 Printed Artifical Heart

Researchers from the Cybernetics Department of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw have developed 3D Printed Artificial Hearts from Zortrax M200 3D printers, which are currently being used for research purpose solely. However, company is looking forward to use these Artificial 3D Printed Hearts as transplants in patients.

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3D Printed Mini-Brains for Zika Virus

 3D Printed Mini Brains for Zika Virus

Researchers at Johns Hopkin's University in Baltimore have developed cost-effective ways of growing mini-brains in lab, which will be used to study the Zika virus. These Mini-Brains were grown by 3D Printed Bio-reactors designed by high school students and using neural stem cells, and will help in developing treatment regimes for Zika virus.

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SLA 3D Printer is worth manufacturing Oral Tablets

 SLA 3D Printed Oral Tablets

Researchers from the University College London’s School of Pharmacy have concluded that 3D Printers using Stereolithography (SLA) technology are most viable and potent for manufacturing oral tablets for prescription drugs. This will allow them to keep the drugs contained with the “solidified matrices” thus reducing degradation and enhancing drug action.

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3D Printed Press-to-act Anti-Microbial Bandages

 3D Printed Anti Microbial Bandage

Xiaolei Wang, and his colleagues from NanChang University, have developed antibacterial materials based on silver nanoparticles enclosed in carbon membranes that act as switchable capsules. These switchable smart bandages, when pressed, causes the layers to interact, releasing the active silver particles and changing the color from white to orange, showing the bandage is on.

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Materialise announces agreement with Canon Lifecare Solutions

 Materialise Canon Agreement

Materialise announced the signing of an agreement to see Canon Lifecare Solutions distributing software solutions from the Materialise Mimics Innovation and Care Suites in Japan. With this agreement, users of workstations and 3D printers offered by Canon Lifecare Solutions will be able to benefit from Materialise’s open and flexible software solutions.

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3D Printed Ears with Hearing aids cheaper than glasses

Children born with ear deformities can now receive prosthetic ears that come with Hearing aids fitted. This silicone made 3D ear will be fitted within few hours. Researchers at Queensland are already working on stage two of cosmetics and will be available within 2 years as they received funding from national government.

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3D Printed Skull saves Korean Woman

 3D Printed Skull South Korea

After arriving at ER of Chung-Ang University Hospital, South Korean Woman was diagnosed with Subarachnoid Brain Hemorrhage following CT scans confirmation. As the brain collapsed, patient needed skull transplant for which the neurosurgeons approached to 3D Printed Skull using pure titanium.

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What's new in 3D Printed Plaster for fractures?

NovaCast, a mexican mediprint, creates customized 3D printed Plaster cast which overweighs normal plaster in every concept. It doesn't absorb sweat, causes less skin infections, is 1/10th light-weighted, invisible to x-rays and you can take bath while wearing it. There's no way ordinary plaster can beat this 3.5 hours-to-make 3D printed plaster cast.

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Curriculum for Bronchoscopy by 3D Systems

 Bronchoscopy Curriculum 3D Print

3D Systems, a 3D printer company, recently announced its standardized curriculum for Bronchoscopy on the Simbionix BRONCH Mentor™ virtual reality training simulator in collaboration with American College of Chest Physicians(CHEST). This Curriculum Module for Essential Bronchoscopic Skills and Diagnostic Bronchoscopy is targeted to provide most relevant training and assessment within a realistic mode of practice.

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MatterHackers join hands with e-NABLE

 MatterHackers join eNABLE

MatterHackers has announced its partnership with e-NABLE community to to create the first comprehensive online retail hub for educators and volunteer groups. e-NABLE Hub will be utilizing MatterHackers’ expertise to choose the right 3D printer, filament, and accessories for a project, as well as offer recommendations from the e-NABLE community.

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"Printing with Purpose" Campaign receives 35 Prosthetics for e-NABLE

 Printing with a Purpose

The four day annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event in Las Vegas had its "Printing with a Purpose" campaign held by Robo3D for funding e-NABLE Community Foundation. Robo3D announced that they received 35 3-D Printed Prosthetics which were used in Enable Community Foundation's recent 'Hand-a-thon' held on the expo floor during BodyHacking Con in Austin.

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3D Printed Ovaries to arrive for Women

Researchers team led by Dr. Monica stated at Boston Endocrine's Society-"we developed this implant with downstream human applications in mind" after the successful performance review of 3D printed ovaries in mice. The researchers had already planned to deliver this promising hope to women who can't have babies.

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UAE opens Metal 3D Printing Facility

 UAE Metal Printing Facility

The company Sinterex has established a facility in Ras al-Khaimah, which is about a 1.5 hour drive from Dubai. Sinterex plans to concentrate its printing efforts on regional energy, aviation, and manufacturing firms, and the company will also offer market research and consulting services.

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3D Printing the Custom Prosthetic Arm Sockets

 Custom Prosthetic Sockets Neya

Emelie Strömshed from School of Engineering at Lund University in Sweden, has developed a step-by-step process to combine prosthetic arm socket CAD data with 3D scan data of a patients residual limbs to create perfectly fitting 3D printed prosthetic arm sockets. This process is intended to guide prosthetist without requiring extensive experience in CAD and also allows socket to be adopted for passive and active myoelectric prostheses.

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Bodycad OnCall Custom Orthopaedic Restorations for Surgeons

 BodyCad OnCall

BodyCad, a Quebec City-based developer and manufacturer of personalized orthopaedics, announced the introduction of Bodycad OnCall, its personalized, individually manufactured orthopaedic restorations for complex cases. The Bodycad OnCall is supposed to help surgeons with flexibility in design and manufacturing of a fully personalized restoration and considered ideal for oncology, revision and osteotomy.

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