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Dr Varun Tyagi is a medical doctor who practices in India and writes about remarkable and historical landmarks throughout the medical world.  Dr Varun believes that 3D printing can help democratize medical care, making medical devices affordable and available to everyone on the planet.

Project ALAN stands against Stroke

 Project ALAN

Student researchers from University of Leeds, UK, have developed Project ALAN (Advanced upper-Limb Autonomous Neuro-rehabilitation) with its first component being myPAM, an assistive system engineered to help NHS deal with Stroke. To help post-stroke patients move and re-engage their upper limb muscles,they will be assisted by myPAM which has been 3D printed using OctoPrint.

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4Web Medical launches 3D Printed Posterior Spine Truss System

 4Web launches Posterior Spine Truss

4WEB Medical recently announced at the North American Spine Society annual meeting in Chicago that the company has launched its Posterior Spine Truss System in the U.S. market. This Posterior Spine Truss System will provide treatment options to lumbar spine patients and one of the finest implants.

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Z3DLAB and InssTek partner to develop Medical 3D Printing Techs

 Z3DLAB partners Insstek

On june 5th, InssTek Korea and Z3DLAB France announced partnership and deployment of ZTi-Powder® and ZTi-Med® on InssTeks product line repair for Orthopedic Implant market and Aeronautics sector. InssTek metal surface coatings applied to orthopedic implants, allow a three-dimensional interconnected array of pores throughout the coating thickness while Z3DLAB will provide non-toxic coating.

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3D Printed Muscles for Robots

 3D Printed Robotic Muscles

An international team, lead by Kwang Kim with University of Nevada, is now developing artificial muscles to give robots the ability to grasp, stretch, and squish objects. These muscles will be printed using a 3D printed electroactive polymer called Ionic Polymer-Metal Composites, which is a synthetic material that changes shape in response to electricity.

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3D Printed Pizza for Astronauts: says NASA

 3D Printed Pizza Nasa

BeeHex, a Texas company commissioned by NASA, has developed a device to 3D Print pizzas for astronauts who are scheduled to go Mars around 2030. While this device will churn out fine pizzas within half a minute, the bio-ink is edible and will roll out its manufacture soon.

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Organovo Conference calls for Organs

Organovo Conference 2016

With successful launch of it's product exVive3D™ Human Liver Tissue in November 2014, Organovo Holdings company has started to extend its feet in the market of 3D Printing. With Skin tissue agreement with L'Oreal and the bio-ink deal with Merck, company is looking forward for further research developments in the upcoming months as stated in the recent conference.

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Ankle Foot Orthosis by University Students

Ankle Foot Orthosis

A team of students from Gonzaga University have developed an Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) which can be 3D Printed within 2 days compared to weeks. This AFO is produced after using 3D Scanner to get accurate measurements, and then printing it using CAD software.

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3D Systems releases Virtual Training for TAPP Inguinal Hernia Repair

 3D Printed TAPP Virtual Simulation Inguinal Hernia

3D Systems announced today the release of their Virtual Reality Training module for Laparoscopic Transabdominal Preperitoneal (TAPP) Inguinal Hernia Repair. This new module will be available on on 3D Systems’ LAP Mentor laparoscopic surgical simulator and company’s RobotiX Mentor simulator and will serve for improved medical training and better patient outcomes.

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SkinResQU plans to 3D Print Human Skin

3D Printed Skin

SkinResQU, Centre for skin research at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers, is planning to 3D Print human skin with purpose of transplants and testing medical treatments. Since the prohibition of animal skin, it is difficult for clinical trials and donated skin parts aren't sufficient, 3D Printed Skin appears to be the perfect solution.

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Smarttech unveils it's Scan3dMed

Although there are already many 3D scanners in market, Smarttech, Polish company, has introduced it's powerful scan3dmed scanner that can full scan whole body in 0.7 seconds. With 430 x 110 x 220 mm scanner, doctors can now instantly plan 3D prints for custom prosthetics, accessories and mobility devices with increased patient's convenience.

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3D Print Adapter to solve Oculus Rift CV1 Lens fitting

New Oculus Rift CV1 virtual reality headset hardware is somewhat tricky for glass users. Thanks to 3D printer design for Oculus Rift CV1 prescription lens adapter by Thingiverse member Jegstad, this issue is finally resolved.

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Made in Space plans to convert Asteroids into Spacecraft

With Project RAMA (Reconstituting Asteroids into Mechanical Automata), Made in Space with Additive Manufacturing plans to convert free floating asteroid into spacecraft. Earth has always suffered lack of minerals, and these asteroids with guided 3D Printing on them will force them transport themselves to mining facilities.

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Artec and Threeding to produce Free Anatomy Models

Artec,developer and manufacturer of professional 3D hardware and software and platform for 3D printing models Threeding.com, have announced today about their new collaborative project to produce a variety of 3D models based on the anatomy of animals. To combat the price issues, Threeding.com have announced that the collection of 40 models will be made entirely free to aid veterinary students and biological scientists.

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Conjoined Twins separated using 3D Printed Model

Conjoined Twins 3D Print

10 months old conjoined twins, Knatalye Hope and Adeline Faith were facing difficulties as their organs were attached and couldn't be operated easily. However, surgeons at Texas Children’s Hospital used Materialise’s Mimics software to design a 3D-printed model using CT scans and finally separated them successfully after 30 hours and 26 clinicians team.

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Advancing age of Orthobiologics

Inspite of cutting out the injuries and prescribing medications for pain, 3D printing has opened new doors of Orthobiologics. 3D Bone Implants such as CT-Bone® from Next21 and Xilloc and Repair and Regeneration techniques from Kuros Biosciences and Bioventus are some of the landmarks of 3D printing sectors.

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Wipro partners with Authentise for Additive Manufacturing Services

Wipro limited, a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company, announced on June 8, about its partnership with Mountain view based Authentise Inc, leading provider of 3D printing technologies and consulting services. This alliance is expected to deliver full spectrum of 3D printing services including consulting, design optimization, software & system integration, product management and testing services.

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3D Printed O2Vent to fix Snoring and Sleep apnoea

Oventus, an Australian-based medical device company will preview O2Vent device this week at the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine events in Denver. Oventus devices have a breathing airway at the front of the appliance that delivers air to the back of the mouth bypassing multiple obstructions from the nose, soft palate and tongue, thus targeting patients of Sleep Apnoea and Snoring.

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Meso-Brain initiative receives $3.7 million from EC

The MESO-BRAIN consortium received €3.3 million funding from European Commision under its Future and Emerging Technology (FET) funding program. Meso-Brain is currently planning to support the development of human neural networks that emulate brain activity using human induced pluripotent stem cells differentiated into neurons.

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You can get your own Deus Ex Hand now!

Open Bionics, a prosthesis developing company has just paired with gaming company Eidos Montreal to create royalty free prosthetic hand based on Deus Ex franchise. Although prototype, they have perfect functionality combined with Sci-Fi look and will be available by next year.

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Blood Delivering Drones by Flirtey


Drone delivery service Flirtey, in collaboration with Dr. Amukele, plans to test ship-to-shore drone delivery in Cape May, New Jersey, on June 23rd. Their hexacopters will carry 5.5 pounds of cargo, travel at about 30 mph, and will greatly assist in delivering blood samples from disease outbreaks to testing facilities.

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US Students raise a helping hand for Glengormle Girl

Lillie McGregor, four year-old girl from Glengormle was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome, which has left her unable to use the fingers of her left hand. Thanks to 3D Printing of e-NABLE, she received a brand new prosthetic hand. Craig Kelly, a second year mechanical engineering student helped her get Rapunzel-themed hand.

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In(3D)ustry to see future of 3D Printing

In3dustry 3D Printing

In(3D)ustry:From Needs to Solutions conference will be held in Barcelona, Spain on June 21-23 to see world-famous companies like HP, Hofmann and Ultimaker take part in event. While Vinton Cerf (Father of Internet) will deliver opening keynote, Architects will represent the latest 3D printed projects and surgeons will describe how the technology is being used for medical applications including facial reconstruction and pediatric oncology.

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Basketball shooting with 3D Printed hand

11 year-old Logan was unable to shoot into basketballs with his traditional prosthetic. Combining efforts of AIO Robotics and 3D printing for Everyone(3D4E), Logan received his 3 fingered prosthetic hand which he tested at UCLA campus for perfect shoots.

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Zambia receives 3D Printed Weather Stations

The landlocked country Zambia in South Africa has significant number of farmers who rely on rain for their life. Researchers at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, with funding from USAID, installed five 3D Printed Weather stations at the zones.

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Born without hand but Greater hopes

Frankie Grieco of Wilmington, a 9 year-old kid was born without right hand and always wished to ride bicycle. Her mother, Rachel approached e-NABLE, and 18 third-grade boys in Frankie’s Cub Scout pack helped him build his prosthetic 3d Printed hand.

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3D Printing Scaffolds is a worthy future

Scaffolds offer ways to repair damaged tissues and can allow tissue and cartilages to regrow. With Inkjet 3DP and SLS being the commonly used powder-based tools in biomedical engineering applications, recent advances in mass manufacturing are expected to have an impact on fabricate tissues and biological scaffolds. A study published by the National Institute for Materials Science does highlight the significance of this task.

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Full Circle Labs seeks £200,000 for Retouch3D

Full Circle Labs, an electronic tool developer is currently seeking investment through equity crowdfunding platform, Invesdor, for it's modular platform for handheld heated tool. Aiming at £200,000, Full circle is currently offering 20% in equity and the campaign is set to close on July 29th. The company's success is beyond it's Retouch3D which received huge interest from distributors and resellers.

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ASMR to present Diabetes Developments at SAHMRI

Australian Society of Medical Research will present latest diabetes treatment developments at SAHMRI, Adelaide. The researchers will be presenting replacement for insulin producing cells, and some further set of developments.

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Full Body Double can save your day


You can now get a full body replica of yours by paying $59,000 to Groupon in Australia, thanks to Keech 3D in Bendigo. This body double is called 3D MAN, and is exact copy made after 30 minutes full body scan.

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Anvil 3D Printer boosts 101k$ with their campaign

With 3 days still remaining for their Kickstarter campaign, Anvil Electronic Technology has already raised 101k$ with their affordable 3D Printer, Anvil. Currently, Anvil team will be focussing to make their current 3D printer user-friendly printer as much as it can be.

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J&J launches World Without Disease QuickFire challenge

Johnson & Johnson Innovation and Janssen Research and Development have announced to launch a challenge competition worth £343k prize and an entrance to J&J Innovation, JLABS community. World Without Disease QuickFire challenge invites to find disease solutions from across the pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer sectors, where winner be selected after their solution tops four of the criteria.

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Micro-Sensored Rocks to aid Oil extraction and CO2 Capture

Aware of the fact, that rocks can't talk, Professor Maroto-Valer from European Research Council, plan to design his own 3D Printed rocks which will help them understand how liquids and gases travel through porous rocks in the subsurface. The team will 3D print their own porous rocks with incorporated micro sensors, thus allowing them to maximize oil extraction and storage of captured CO2.

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3k$ 3D Printed Replica of yours is here!

Voodoo manufacturing, a new york based body and design firm is printing full body replica for 3000$ using the 3D printing technology. With the help of MakerBot 3d printers, the company will provide you with 11″ x 6″ x 6″ replica in 88 pieces later to be re-assembled.

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3D Printing for Marines

On June 1-2, Marines from MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP LEJEUNE, North Carolina, were introduced with 3D Printing to apply problem-solving techniques to create and print 3D designs. Using Invent3D printer, they were assigned to assemble them and learn about military occupational specialties and their capabilities.

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3D Printed Heart gives toddler a hope

After being diagnosed for congenital heart defect, Jemma Starks, received 3 open-heart surgeries. Preparing for the fourth surgery, the surgeons are delighted to use exact copy of Jemma's heart made from 3D printing. The family is happy to know what exactly are they dealing with before preparing for treatment and surgeries.

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Italian Marco for Niazi Afghanistan

Niazai from Afghanistan was using a poorly made prosthesis that was creating some serious infection to his leg. After meeting Marco, an engineer from Trieste, Italy, he received a 3D Printed Prosthetic leg with DeltaWasp 20 40 design, free of charge. Later, he also received a new home from Trieste Refugees Association.

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Canadian TVG Company seeks funds for 3D Printer with Braille

Started by Rebecca and her husband, Emmanuel, Canadian company Tactile Vision Graphics is seeking funds to develop Braille-friendly 3D printer. Rebecca, who is vision impaired, intends to develop this unique printer by themselves specifically for blind people.

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3D Printing to come from MRI

Nano Dimesnion has announced that it has filed patent application too U.S Patent and Trademark Office for the 3D printing of stem cells. The patent discloses it will be using MRI and CT scans to print biological structure of the tissue or organ using 3D bioprinter and bioink materials. The patent came after concept of 3D printing stem cells weeks back.

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Sensing through the 3D Printed Hand

With normal prosthetics, you can have motor functions, but not the sensory touch. Researchers at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies have built a 3D printed prosthetic hand that can help you "feel" while you touch. Fingertip is composed of an electrical sensor coated in a polymer, which translates surface coarseness into current pulses relayed to a nerve in the arm.

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