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Dr Varun Tyagi is a medical doctor who practices in India and writes about remarkable and historical landmarks throughout the medical world.  Dr Varun believes that 3D printing can help democratize medical care, making medical devices affordable and available to everyone on the planet.

Human TMJ discs to be engineered by 3-D Prints

3-D prints under National Health Services will be producing fibrocartilaginous matrix to provide as an alternative to current treatments of temporomandibular joint disorders and hence engineering TMJ discs.

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Eyenavision partners with Roger Bacon for 3D Printed Eyewears

 Eyenavision 3d print

Eyenavision, Inc. is announced it will be the exclusive distributor of Roger Bacon Eyewear in the United States. ECPs that provide Roger Bacon Eyewear will receive a scanner and visualization unit which allow 3D Printing frames according to specific customers facial data.

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MetalFab1 grabs Red Dot Award

 Additive Industries MetalFab1 Red Dot Award

Additive Industries and its design partner VanBerlo have won Red Dot Award for their industrial 3D metal printing system, MetalFAB1. This printer is the company’s first integrated additive manufacturing machine for high-end metal parts, and its VanBerlo-designed exterior reflects advanced industrial technology’s aesthetics.

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3D Printed Splints to support Paralysis

3D Printed Splints

Morriston Hospital in Swansea is testing a revolutionary and attracting looking new Splint to help people with damaged brachial plexus causing paralysis, by connecting the spine to the upper limbs. This research project is the result of Mr.Lloyd, surgical design expert Dominic Eggbeer and 26-year-old patient Tom Wheeler and is being trialed by kickboxing champ Leif Thobroe.

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3D Biopens to introduce Heights

3D printing technology has been used to print several parts of human body, but it's on call use has never been so fascinating. The new Biopen uses hyrdogel bio-inkto create mid-surgery cartilage implants which yield a cell survival rate of an impressive 97 percent, and further extends the realm of possibility for 3D printing in medicine.

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FAU Students build hopes for Sierra Leone Survivor

 Sierra Leone 3D Print

Damba Koroma, a survivor of Sierra Leone Civil war was left without a hand, thanks to Florida Atlantic University engineering graduate students who build her 3D Printed Prosthetic hand out of their pockets. Weinthal and Coarsey are now looking forward with bigger hopes for their "The Bionic Glove Project".

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Mark 1 to be first 3D Printed 50,000$ Humanoid Robot

After spending 50k$ on 3D Printed Humanod Robot, Mark 1, the graphic designer, Ricky Ma from Hong Kong finally completed his dream project. Although "She" looks like Scarlett Johansson, this humanoid is designed to perform complex functions. Ricky is currently looking for investors who would buy her.


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3D Printed TiO2-ABS Filaments for Environment Pollutants

 3d Print Tio2 ABS Filament America University

Researchers at American University have developed process for generating TiO2-ABS nanocomposite filaments for application in 3D printing. Using these 3D Printed Filaments, they will now experiment on determining an optimal printed shape for applications that involve photocatalytic removal of environmental pollutants.

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Shanghai Funeral Home 3D Printing for Damaged Corpses

Longhua Funeral Parlor, a funeral home in Shanghai, has started 3D Printing body parts for damaged corpses replacing the traditional use of wax or sludge. The whole process involves building multiple layers of material on top of each other to construct a three-dimensional product.

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GuardLab gets a new Brand Ambassador

 GuardLab Bautista

GuardLab, a 3d scanning mouthguard company, announced "Joey Bats" Bautista as their new brand ambassador and athlete to advisory board. One of the brands is Lower Performance Mouthguard, a unique neuromuscular guard, developed with the help of two world-class dentists using proprietary methods.

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The 3D Printed Heart Library is indeed priceless

 3D Printed Heart Library

3D Printed Hearts have been used by surgeons since long as the perfect virtual guide to surgeries. Since the Jump Trading Center of OSF Saint Francis Medical Center opened back in 2013, there have been alot of advancement, and now they have whole library with more than 40 3D printed hearts.

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First 3D Printed Drug to get FDA Approval

U.S Food and Drug Administration has approved 3d printed drug for the first time. Aprecia pharmaceuticals 3D printed Spiritam, generic of levetiracetam, which will be used to treat epilepsy. This 3D printed drug is made by ZipDose technique, with better solubility.

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Italian Hospital uses 3D Printed Implants for Cancer

 3d print italy cancer implants

Italy’s National Institute of Rome Tumori Regina Elena, Cancer surgical center, became the first hospital in the nation to use customized titanium implants to repair bones damaged by bone cancer (Osteosarcoma). The prosthetic implants were 3D printed in titanium using an Arcam electron beam melting (EBM) process with Sicily-based 3D printing services provider Mt. Ortho.

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Nano Dimensions files patent for 3D Printed Shielded Conductors

 Nano Dimensions Patent

Nano Dimensions ltd announced today that they filed a patent application with US for printing of shielded conductors combined in a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). They have developed a 3d printing method that creates printed sheaths to shield conductors like insulated cables.

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3D Printing and Computer Simulation pave way for Medical Trials


Scientists are now working with Computer simulation and 3D Printing to develop faster and safer ways of testing medical devices without actually installing them in live humans. Since these medical devices for heart and vascular diseases will be tested on 3D Printed models, the long list of Animal testing, Clinical trials and FDA approval will be surpassed.

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An Affordable 3D Printed Hand for Kid by Intel and 3DSystems

 3d print intel 3dsystems prosthetic hand

Daniel Hobbs, 11 year-old was born with congenital absence of his lower left arm for which his parents approached to prosthetics but were upset with prices and constant fitting changes. However, 3DSystems and Intel designed them $400 3d Printed Prosthetic Hand which weighs less than 2 pounds and comes in 16 movable pieces.

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Amedica Corporation to Make 3D Printed Medical Implants with Silicon Nitride Ceramics

 Amedica Silicon nitrate 3d print

Amedica Corporation, a company that develops and commercializes silicon nitride ceramics as a biomaterial platform, has announced its product- Robocasting. Robocasting is a freeform fabrication technique for dense ceramics, sinters within 24 hours while also allows custom fabrication of bone scaffolds suited for cellular differentiation and neovascularization.

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3D Printing help Chinese Surgeons perform successful Spinal Surgery

 3D Print Chinese Spinal Surgery

Doctors from the south China's Hunan Province recently performed a successful spinal surgery using 3D printing technology on a man suffering from spinal arthritis, leading to a severe humpback. With densely distributed nerves on spine, the surgery could have led to permanent paralysis.

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Doctor Without Borders pursue 3D Printing for Hospital Setups

 Doctors without Borders 3D Print

Médecins Sans Frontières, aka Doctors Without Borders are planning to use 3D Printing and Virtual reality technologies for organization setup field hospitals. The 3D Models and Virtual Reality reproduction of a recently designed facility in Cantahay, Philippines for 2013 typhoon victims was first of the project.

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“Next Step” Prosthetic Leg Coverings by UWM

Frankie Flood, professor at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM), is working on "Next Step" with help of three of UWM students. Next Step is a project that involves the creation of a 3D printable prosthetic leg covering to restore anatomical shape of the affected limb, to be customizable and to be 3D printable specifically for Veterans that intend to have leg prosthetic designed according to their personality.

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Futuristic Youbionic 3D Printed Prosthetic is just €1,200

 youbionic 3d printed prosthetic

Around 2014 Youbinoics announced about their Prosthetic hand which received quite an attention, and now it is here for just €1,200 and not €20,000, thanks to 3D Printers. It comes with flexing the finger and carpus tendons will trigger the hand and fingers to activate and Arduino microprocessor equipped.

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Can Faces be 3D Printed for transplants?

Pluripotent cells are creators of almost every mature cell in body, including the keratinocytes and melanocytes of skin. Reprogramming these mature cells to obtain pluripotent cells, and ultimately using them to produce living tissue using living tissue, this can make Facial implants possible.

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3D Printed Coral Reefs may save ecology system

 corals 3d print

Since coral reefs are depleting, causing a great worry, 3D printed reef were implanted in the Persian Gulf, which sunk there in 2012. Scientists are now looking forward to 3D Print coral reefs made of porcelain coating to serve as real-like corals for ecosystem to be maintained.

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3D Printed Heart Models saves nine-month Baby

 3d print 9 month baby heart defect

Chinese doctors from People's Hospital of Jilin successfully performed an open heart surgery on a nine-month-old baby suffering from Congenital Heart Defect called a Total Pulmonary Venous Anomalous Drainage, using a 3D printed heart model to plan the surgery. A full-sized heart replica modeled the boy's cardiac structure which assisted for virtual surgery.

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BioPrinted Heart Patches for Heart Attacks

 heart patch 3d

Researchers from Tel Aviv University (Israel) have managed to engineer a Nanotech ‘heart patch’ which could enable remote monitoring and regulation of a patient’s heart. Currently replacing the infarcted heart muscle, it is worked upon to sense acute attacks and deliver drugs instantly in response to heart damage.

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3D Printed Tracheal Splints become Life-Savior again

 3D Print Tracheal Splints

An adolescent girl suffering from Tracheobronchomalacia, a rare congenital breathing disorder, recently underwent a surgery at CS Mott Children's Hospital, receiving the 3D Printed Tracheal Splint. Using Polycaprolactone and MRI & CTs, Dr Glenn Green was able to print the Splint-supported Trachea.

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Nalaxone gets 3D Printed from Firm Frog

 Nalaxone 3D Print

Jonathan Grossman, an Industrial designer at global design firm Frog, San Francisco, designed a better nasal version of Nalaxone administering device which will auto-administer Nalaxone to Opoid victims. Since nasal version is first to respond to opoid overdose, Grossman used 3D Printer to beat the odds of previous versions with this Narcon Device.

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On-Spot iMcustom Insoles Scanned & 3D Printed

 insoles 3d print

iMcustom announced today the official launch of the first-ever 3D scanning and insole printing system. This system will move additive manufacturing (3D printing) inside of medical & retail stores nationwide giving consumers accurate 3D foot scans in minutes along with a personalized insole recommendation that can be 3D printed in the store, within 2 hours.

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Inspired by 3D Printing, Students prepare their own plans

 lynbrook 3d print

Students of Lynbrook High School’s Advanced Design and Innovation Class are studying 3D printing, and they’re using it to design adaptive and assistive devices for children, namely the children at St. Mary’s Hospital. Using the design and drafting skills, they are building devices like customized wheelchair trays, adaptive spoons, cause/effect toys and iPad stylus pens.

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Anatomiz3D's first 3D Printed

 anatomiz3d ojha india

36-year-old Rajesh Ojha, a mechanic, lost four fingers of his left hand in 2015 while working in industrial plants, received a prosthetic through the experimental venture between Mumbai-based (India)  Anatomiz3D Healthcare and Dr, Mukesh Doshi. The prosthetic modified was Gyrobot’s open source Flexy Hand 2 design produced after using a 3D printer and hand held scanner.

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SLA 3D joins Replica 3DM to bring 3D Printed Medical Models

 sla replica 3dm partner

SLS 3D Ltd announced today partnership with Replica 3DM, at the launch of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Personalised Medicine at Portcullis House on Tuesday, 13th March 2016. Replica 3DM medical models are “carbon copies” of the refined DICOM data from CT/MRI scans which allow surgeons to carry out pre-operative planning.

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Bio-Glass Cartilage that Grows

 Bio Glass Cartilage that grows

Scientists from Imperial College London and the University of Milano-Bicocca have developed a material that can mimim Cartilage and potentially help it to re-grow. Consisting of silica and a plastic or polymer called polycaprolactone, this Bio-glass has cartilage-like properties including being flexible, strong, durable and resilient and planned for replacing damaged cartilage discs between vertebrae.

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Students to invent Scaffolds for Tissues

Students at Rutgers University-Camde, New Jersey, are working with bioprinters for the first time to develop scaffolds for tissues. They are characterizing the materials of scaffolding to determine how applicable they'll be with the cells used to create tissues. On other hand, David Salas-de la Cruz, an assistant professor of chemistry is interested in biodegradable biomaterials.

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Alder Hey is UK first Hospital to use 3D Printing in OT

 alder hey 3d print

Surgeons at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital became one of the first children’s hospitals in the UK to use a 3D printed model as a surgical reference during an operation. Surgeons used a 3D printed model of a spine taken from a CT scan of an eight year old patient suffering kyphoscoliosis from Wales which was provided by 3D LifePrints and Materialise.

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3D Printed Prosthetics Implants can help Amputees

 Fitted 3D Printed Prosthetic Implants

Researchers at University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University have developed a Prosthetic Implant that can be fitted as per amputee requirement and timing. These implants need t conform to patient's specific anatomy and require 12 month rehabilitation. However, FDA has not approved implanted prosthetic sockets for general use; but only for research purposes.

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Oxford Performance Materials Honored for Innovation

 Oceanz Professionals Medical Certificate

In the 50 Most Innovative Companies in World 2016, Fast Company has named Oxford Performance Materials in the list for their SpineFab® VBR implant system. It received 510(k) clearance from the FDA in July of 2015. OPM also provides third parties with contract manufacturing services for a wide spectrum of 3D printed biomedical implant applications.

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Sneezometer is the new trend for Lungs

The 3D Printed Sneezometer is a spirometer designed by University of Surry researchers to tackle lung problems before they occur. Being the cheapest and most-sensitive, it can measure speed of sneeze and measure lung capacity, helping to diagnose lung diseases like Asthma and Sleep apnoea.

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