• FDA Clears First SLA Resin for Permanent Contact Dental Use

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    The FDA cleared a 510(k) for the use of DENTCA’s new 3D printable material as a denture base, the first such approval in the denture production space. 


  • Arfona and Valplast introduce Denture Printing

    Arfona and Valplast introduce Denture Printing

    Dental materials manufacturer Valplast International Corp and Arfona, a 3D Printing startup have together introduced a new 3D Printer called r.Pod Desktop 3D Printer which can print flexible metal-free partial dentures. The printer supports dual extruders for printing multicolor parts, can handle ABS, PLA, NinjaFlex and taulman3D filaments and is set for retail at $4,999.

  • Porimy From China Unleashes 3D Printer to Create Dentures in One Week

    Porimy from China unleashes 3D Printer to create Dentures in One Week

    Porimy 3D Printing Technology Co., Ltd, a start-up offshoot of the Kunshan Industrial Technology Research Institute, China, has announced their high-performance 3D Printer that can 3D Print Dentures after 3D scanning for a superior fit. They also released a ceramic slurry to 3D Print the prosthesis using the 3D Printer, which will cost around ¥700,000 to ¥800,000, translating to around $110,000 US.

  • 3D Printed Dentures Made With Hybrid Nanocomposite Yield Excellent Results

    3D Printed Dentures Made With Hybrid Nanocomposite Yield Excellent Results

    35 Patients participated in a jont study for Dentures and received 3D Printed Dentures made from a composite material, poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA)–nanoTiO2. Researchers from Turkey and Romania then studied the quality and outcomes of the dentures using questionnaires for the participants that involved 49 questions in total regarding the usability and efficiency of these compared to usual dentures. The dentures were created on an EnvisionTEC Perfactory 3D printer, featuring a layer thickness from 25μm to 150μm. Patients noted ‘significant improvement’ related to their oral health as the dentures provided good retention and stability.

  • 3D Systems Gets FDA 510(k) Clearance For NextDent Denture 3D+ Biomaterial

    3D Systems Gets FDA 510k Clearance For NextDent Denture 3D Biomaterial

    3D Systems has received FDA 510(k) Clearance for their Biocompatible Dental Material, NextDent Denture 3D+, developed for use on the NextDent 5100 3D printing platform. According to 3D Systems, combination with the NextDent C&B MFH material, which has been designed to print the teeth of a denture, users can save up to 90% in cost and 75% in time for producing the base of denture. The new material also possesses excellent mechanical properties in accordance with ISO Denture Base Standards and the comprehensive colour palette allows dental labs are able to match the printed product to the patient’s gums.

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