• 10 Year Old Receives 3D Printed Arm from Dolphin

    dolphin tale 800x450

    Limbitless Solutions, a non-profit which provides 3d printed prosthetics to children, has created a new custom arm which was delivered by a Dolphin.

  • Brain Surgery made possible with 3D Printing

    New York state resident Theresa Flint was diagnosed with an aneurysm but it became worse when surgery couldn't be done due to complications. Stratasys, leading 3D printing production, helped the surgeons develop 3D model of cerebral vessels of Flint and a successful brain surgery.

  • 5 Year Old gets her Heart 3D Printed for Surgery

    Mia Gonzalez, a 5 year-old girl received a successful open heart surgery at Miami’s Nicklaus Children’s Hospital after the surgeon used the 3D Printed model of her heart. Mia was suffering from congenital defect, Double aortic arch, which had been misdiagnosed as Asthma. Surgeon Dr. Redmond Burke visualized the whole operation before it could be actually performed.

  • Stratasys and Jacobs Institute to establish 3D Printing Centre

    Partnering with Jacob Institute, Stratasys is going to open Centre of Excellence to advance the use of medical devices. This new COE will aim to develop and test new medical devices, enrich clinical education and serve as a referral center for hospitals.

  • Stratasys with CYBER Team to transform 3D Printed Orthotic Devices

     Stratasys Cyber Team Orthotics

    The University of Michigan has partnered with Altair Engineering and Stratasys to form the CYBER team and work together to leverage 3D printing and Industry 4.0 to transform Ankle Foot Orthotics (AFO). To accomplish this, the CYBER team will create the digital workflow for additive manufacturing (AM) design, while connecting the digital thread in a cloud-based cyber physical system.

  • Vascular Models by Vascular Simulations enhance Training and Treatment

    Vascular Simulation Models 3D Print

    New York-based medical company, Vascular Simulations with help from Stratasys, has been utilizing 3D Printed Models to enhance the training and treatment methods for dealing with cardiovascular disease. To create 3D printed models, Vascular Simulations uses imaging data from CT scans or MRIs and converts them into silicone models with Stratasys Dimension Elite 3D Printer.

  • 3D Printed Rottlace Mask based on Musculoskeletal system

     3D Printed Rottlace Mask based on Musculoskeletal system

    Icelandic musician Björk has partnered with designer and researcher Neri Oxman on a mask made up of multiple 3D-printed strands that mimic the underlying structure of her own face. The piece was printed by additive manufacturing company Stratasys using a flexible, acrylic-based polymer.

  • CBMTI enhanced Neurosurgery with 3D Printed Training Simulators

    CBMTI enhanced Neurosurgery with 3D Printed Training Simulators

    University of Malaya’s Centre for Biomedical and Technology Integration (CBMTI) uses Stratasys’ PolyJet 3D Printing technology to deliver custom medical implants, prototypes for new devices, patient-specific models for surgical planning and the sophisticated training simulators for clinical procedures. Identifying the anatomy and pathology, CBMTI engineers convert the patient’s CT and MRI scans into digital design files, and 3D printing the ultimate models.


  • SME announces 2016 SkillsUSA Additive Manufacturing Competition Winners

    3D Print Competition Stratasys SME

    SME, working with Stratasys, sponsored a student additive manufacturing competition at the 52nd annual SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, June 21-23 with aim to help contestants better understand additive manufacturing applications. Out of 22 teams, 6 teams won Prizes including scholarships from the SME Education Foundation, a MakerBot Mini printer, 3D mouse, and SolidWorks 3D CAD design software.

  • 3D Printed Brace for the Panthers Star Linebacker

     3D Printed Brace for the Panthers Star Linebacker

    Thomas Davis, All-Pro star linebacker for the Carolina Panthers broke his right forearm in a January 24 game against the Arizona Cardinals and needed something to help him with upcoming Super Bowl 50. He got a Strong Arm Brace which was created by 3D Elite, a manufacturer of 3D-printed braces and casts for athletes, and was produced in record time at Whiteclouds 3D Printing on a Stratasys Connex 3D Printer.

  • 3D Printing Expected to Grow Large by 2026


    A report by Future Market Insights has stated that 3D Printing is expected to grow huge by year 2016 especially in medical and dental fields with 4.6 million 3D Printers to be sold by 2026. While 3D Printing has opened doors for every sector, these two sectors will benefit greatly. Some companies like Stratasys, 3D Systems and ExOne are having reduced sales for now but the boom of this sector will heighten their fortunes too.

  • Stratasys to display J750 3D Printer at TCT Show

    Stratasys to display J750 3D Printer at TCT Show

    Making its debut at this year's TCT show in Birmingham will be Stratasys’ recently-launched J750 3D printer, reportedly the world’s only full colour, multi-material 3D printer. The J750 is designed for prototypes, as well as tooling, moulds, jigs and fixtures and its unique 3D printing capabilities enable users for the first time to combine full colour gradients with a range of materials to achieve the most realistic parts in the industry, easily and without post-processing.

  • Student 3D Prints OrthoPrints for Teeth Aligment

    Student 3D Prints OrthoPrints for Teeth Aligment

    Amos Dudley, a broke graduate student, designed his own orthodontics to correct his own teeth for which he used Stratasys Dimenstion 1200es. Obtaining the 3D Printer, he used retainer material Keystone Pro-Form .030 plastic purchased from eBay and finally made all of his aligner steps, as well as a riser, while eliminating ‘draping artifacts’ as well as saving time.

  • Stratasys’ latest device makes realistic models for the dental industry

    Untitled design 1

    Will.i.am thinks we will be 3D printing human beings in the future, although his comments were met with skepticism from biology experts. Perhaps a better starting point would be teeth. That’s the sole purpose of a new device called the Objet260 Dental Selection, unveiled by 3D printing firm Stratasys.

  • Stratasys provides Back Brace to Paralympian

     Stratasys provides Back Brace to Paralympian

    Polina Rožkova, a Latvian wheelchair fencer required better back braces for competing in 2016 Paralympics for which she approached Baltic3D and Stratasys. With data printed on WiDE software and Nylon 12 3D printing material used, the brace was finally printed on Stratasys Fortus 450mc Production 3D Printer which provided easy movement and sweating relief during exertion.

  • 3D Printing Center of Excellence Opens Up at Children’s Hospital With Stratasys Partnership

     3D Printing Center of Excellence opens up at Childrens Hospital with Stratasys Partnership

    SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri is named a “Best Children’s Hospital” by US News and World Report and is now receiving 3D Printing Center of Excellence with brand new Stratasys J750 multi-color multi-material 3D Printers. The center will serve as a space to facilitate innovation in multiple 3D printing-related medical areas, including pre-surgical preparation, medical research and patient treatment.

  • Stratasys Continues to Help Veterans Through 3D Printed Orthotic Hands

    Stratasys Continues to Help Veterans Through 3D Printed Orthotic Hands

    3D printing solutions company Stratasys worked with the VA Center of Innovation (VACI) to install 3D printers in five VA hospitals across the country, helping veterans with custom 3D printed prosthetics and orthotics. Hand therapist Mary Matthews, with the help of Ben Salatin (Rehabilitation Engineer) made a 3D printed one piece orthotic for Newton, making it more comfortable and damage proof with increased aesthetics.

  • 3D Printed Orthotics Gets Streamlined Digital Workflow By CYBER Team Through FDM and Topology Optimization

    3D Printed Orthotics Gets Streamlined Digital Workflow By CYBER Team Through FDM and Topology Optimization

    The CYBER Team, or Cyber-Physical Design and Additive Manufacturing of Custom Orthoses, is funded by America Makes, the national accelerator for 3D printing and additive manufacturing based in Youngstown, Ohio, and was formed in 2016 by Stratasys, the University of Michigan, and Altair Engineering, aiming at Orthotic needs for Veterans. The CYBER Team is working on project, with a total budget of $2 million to combine cloud-based designs and Stratasys’ FDM technology to reduce orthotic outpatient visits from three to one by developing 3D printing-specific functionality, built on optimization software package Altair OptiStruct and OptiStruct for digitalization.

  • Spanish Hospital Acquires Stratasys FDM Technology For Complex Surgeries

    Spanish Hospital Acquires Stratasys FDM Technology For Complex Surgeries

    Biodonostia Health Research Institute, a medical research institute in Basque, Spain, recently partnered with Tecnun, a specialist division of the Universidad de Navarra, and Tknika, a regional Research and Applied Innovation Center for Vocational Education and training, in order to help its surgeons harness FDM 3D printing technology from Stratasys to help in surgical preparation and planning. With the help from partnership, the surgical teams can receive highly accurate 3D printed medical models, made with Stratasys’ FDM technology, within 24 hours which can help patient care by reducing the amount of time patients spend in surgery, especially surgeries for complex thoracic wall tumors.

  • Stratasys First J750 3D Printer Shines At Argentina’s University

    Stratasys First J750 3D Printer Shines At Argentinas University

    Argentina’s 3D Printing Community recently received first Stratasys J750 in December 2018 at the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA) University, of which 8 3D Printers can be accessed by students and faculty any day of week in facility. The Stratasys J750 PolyJet 3D printer is designed to carry out surgical simulations, medical preparations, surgical guides and development of final products for industrial use. The university also aims to direct their innovative student’s minds towards building prototypes for some of the famous companies like Techint.

  • Pioneering 3D Printed Lungs For Veterans Using 3D Printing

    Pioneering 3D Printed Lungs For Veterans Using 3D Printing

    Researchers at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System in Michigan, announced their pioneering project of creating a Portable Artificial Lung using 3D Printing. The wearable CO2 removal device for Veteran rehabilitation from lung disease is part of a two-year grant project, whose parts will be printed on a Stratasys J750 and Stereolithography 3D printers for other smaller parts. The project is expected to unfold by five to six years, where they will test the lung into a cohort of sheep using the cannulation technique, after which the sheep will be under anaesthesia for six hours, followed by chronic implantation where the sheep will be taken out of anaesthesia and monitored for 30 days.

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