• Consensus Ortho to Work with Materialize on Knee Guides

    materialise knee guide 800x450

    The Materialise Knee Guide System, a solution consisting of easy-to-use 3D surgical planning software and patient-specific surgical guides for knee surgery, allows surgeons to efficiently and accurately plan knee surgeries based on the patient's unique anatomy and structural damage. Based on that pre-operative plan, patient-specific guides are designed and 3D printed for use during surgery. This widely-used system will now include Consensus Orthopedics.

  • Materialise and Consensus Create 3D ACO Hip Guide System

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    The ACO Hip Guide System, a platform of 3D surgical planning software and patient-specific surgical guides for hip surgery from Materialise, will now be joined by Consensus Orthopedics following their adoption of a version for knee surgeries earlier this year.

  • Doctors use 3D Printing to Straighten Severely Bent Legs

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    Surgeons at the Handan General Orthopaedic Hospital in China have used 3D printing to repair a young male patient’s severely deformed legs.

  • Prostate 3-D Printed for historical surgery

    Surgeons in St. Thomas NHS copied live prostate to practice removal of cancerous gland while sparing the nerves. It is a historical breakthrough as copy of organ was used to practice the original surgery right before.

  • 3D Systems releases Virtual Training for TAPP Inguinal Hernia Repair

     3D Printed TAPP Virtual Simulation Inguinal Hernia

    3D Systems announced today the release of their Virtual Reality Training module for Laparoscopic Transabdominal Preperitoneal (TAPP) Inguinal Hernia Repair. This new module will be available on on 3D Systems’ LAP Mentor laparoscopic surgical simulator and company’s RobotiX Mentor simulator and will serve for improved medical training and better patient outcomes.

  • Utah Mom beats Kidney Cancer, Thanks to 3D Printing

     Utah Mom beats Kidney Cancer with 3D Print

    Linda Green, inhabitant of Utah, had a malignant tumor underneath her ribs which required to be removed before it could spread to other organs. Using 3D reconstruction and 3D Printing, Dr. Jay Bishoff from Intermountain Medical Center, was able to excise the tumor without damaging any vital part of Linda.

  • 3D Printed Surgical Guides Help Enhance Total Knee Replacement Surgeries

    3D Printed Surgical Guides Help Enhance Total Knee Replacement Surgeries

    Staff at Orthoparc in the Netherlands have developed a method of patient-centered total knee replacement through Surgical Guides that helps make the surgery less invasive, removing the need to drill into the femur canal as in traditional knee replacement surgery procedures and simultaneously increase the comfort of patient. These surgical guides are produced using data gathered about an individual patient’s knee and are fabricated in-house on a 3D printer. When placed upon the patient during surgery, they guide the surgeon to exactly where cuts need to be made in relationship to where the knee is resting.

  • Stratasys First J750 3D Printer Shines At Argentina’s University

    Stratasys First J750 3D Printer Shines At Argentinas University

    Argentina’s 3D Printing Community recently received first Stratasys J750 in December 2018 at the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA) University, of which 8 3D Printers can be accessed by students and faculty any day of week in facility. The Stratasys J750 PolyJet 3D printer is designed to carry out surgical simulations, medical preparations, surgical guides and development of final products for industrial use. The university also aims to direct their innovative student’s minds towards building prototypes for some of the famous companies like Techint.

  • Man Receives New 3D Printed Eye, Thanks To 3D Print And UC Davis Surgeons

    Man Receives New 3D Printed Eye Thanks To 3D Print And UC Davis Surgeons

    Joseph Michael was attacked in his home in 2013 leaving him with damage to eye socket and causing double vision. The Surgeons from UC Davis Medical Center, California, used CT scans of his left eye and converted the data into 3D Data, which was then used to 3D Print the exact replica for his right eye using Desktop Printer Ultimaker 3 Extended. The mirroring of left eye for re-building the right one, along with reconstructing the orbit and cheekbone was one of the finest process they UC Davis Doctors achieved.

  • Zortrax Launches 3D Printing Resins And Surigcal Guide For Dental And Prosthetic Use

    Zortrax Launches 3D Printing Resins And Surigcal Guide For Dental And Prosthetic Use

    Zortrax recently launched two brand new Resins for its latest Inkspire 3D Printing Platform for dental and prosthetic applications. Raydent Crown & Bridge is class IIa biocompatible, lasts 30 days, is safe for human contact and can boasts high abrasion resistance guaranteeing permanent smooth surfaces and anatomical shape for the duration of its usage. Another product involved Raydent Surgical Guide, Class I biocompatibility, which is safe for transient contact with human tissue, translucent to enhance visibility, features high dimensional accuracy to enable correct placement of implants or guidance for tools, and low viscosity and water resistance to make the guides easy to wash.

  • 3D Printed Models For Dental Traumatology Offer Better Training Case Scenarios

    3D Printed Models For Dental Traumatology Offer Better Training Case Scenarios

    German Researchers used SLA 3D Printer to create much realistic model for Case Scenarios based on the CBCT of the maxilla of a real patient that imitated several traumatic dental injuries, which was then used in a hands-on training course on Dental traumatology for undergraduate students in their final year in the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Periodontology in Munich, Germany. While half of the students were provided with access to dentaltraumaguide.org, the others didn’t. The students were then evaluated, where 57% reported it to be ‘very realistic’ and 43% choosing ‘rather realistic’, therefore concluding that 3D Printed Dental Models assisted students in correctly managing traumatic dental injuries.

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