Dental 3D Scanning and Printing

Richard McComas is Senior Editor covering Dental Industry Trends in 3D Printing and Scanning.  Richard has a Masters Degree in Education and speaks at industry conferences and develops workflows and curriculum for 3d techhnology education in Dentistry.  Richard is an Industry Analyst and Opinion Leader who has written, researched and covered consumer and professional technologies for more than 10 years as both a journalist and market researcher.

3D Printed Models For Dental Traumatology Offer Better Training Case Scenarios

German Researchers used SLA 3D Printer to create much realistic model for Case Scenarios based on the CBCT of the maxilla of a real patient that imitated several traumatic dental injuries, which was then used in a hands-on training course on Dental traumatology for undergraduate students in their final year in the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Periodontology in Munich, Germany. While half of the students were provided with access to, the others didn’t. The students were then evaluated, where 57% reported it to be ‘very realistic’ and 43% choosing ‘rather realistic’, therefore concluding that 3D Printed Dental Models assisted students in correctly managing traumatic dental injuries.

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