rich mccomas3D Printing Industry Trends

Rich McComas is a Senior Editor and Research Director at Cellular 3D, an experienced journalist and opinion leader who has written, researched and covered the consumer and professional medical device industry for more than 20 years.  Rich heads up all healthcare market and technology research projects at Cellular 3D, personally overseeing a number of dental and medical initiatives.  Rich believes that 3D printing can help make a variety of medical devices more accessible to patients and practitioners throughout the world.

strataysys inhouse v outsourced

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing conducted a survey of 700 executives, engineers, designers and managers about the impact of additive processes on manufacturing, learning that most companies are making a strong shift from outsourced to In-house production, especially as technologies become more affordable.

If you’re still dipping your toe in the water, the results may serve as a wake-up call to take swifter action. Using 3D printing to manufacture products may just be emerging as a competitive advantage today, but companies that don’t initiate investment soon could quickly be at a considerable disadvantage.