rich mccomas3D Printing Industry Trends

Rich McComas is a Senior Editor and Research Director at Cellular 3D, an experienced journalist and opinion leader who has written, researched and covered the consumer and professional medical device industry for more than 20 years.  Rich heads up all healthcare market and technology research projects at Cellular 3D, personally overseeing a number of dental and medical initiatives.  Rich believes that 3D printing can help make a variety of medical devices more accessible to patients and practitioners throughout the world.

3dp gartner growth

Gartner forecasts that 3D printer unit shipments will grow at a CAGR of 121.3% through 2019, and that corresponding annual average spending will grow at 72.8% for the same period.  Additionally, Gartner expects that sales will exceed $14.6 billion in 2019 as consumers, educational institutions and businesses ramp up their purchases.