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Dr Varun Tyagi is a medical doctor who practices in India and writes about remarkable and historical landmarks throughout the medical world.  Dr Varun believes that 3D printing can help democratize medical care, making medical devices affordable and available to everyone on the planet.

Study Reviews Possible Outcomes Of 3D Printed Acetabular Cups

A Research in London was done on Titanium Acetabular Cups made through 3D Printing comparing the designs of different 3D printed cups from multiple manufacturers which included: Delta TT (Lima Corporate, Italy) – 3D printed with electron beam melting (EBM), starting from Ti6Al4V powder; Trident II Tritanium (Stryker, USA) – 3D printed with laser rapid manufacturing (LRM), using titanium-aluminium-vanadium alloy (Ti6Al4V) powder and Mpact 3D Metal (Medacta, Switzerland) – 3D printed with electron beam melting (EBM), starting from Ti6Al4V powder. They were found to have beads, a known by-product of the manufacturing process, which may potentially be released in the human body.

Read More: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1186/s41205-019-0052-0