Dental 3D Scanning and Printing

Richard McComas is Senior Editor covering Dental Industry Trends in 3D Printing and Scanning.  Richard has a Masters Degree in Education and speaks at industry conferences and develops workflows and curriculum for 3d techhnology education in Dentistry.  Richard is an Industry Analyst and Opinion Leader who has written, researched and covered consumer and professional technologies for more than 10 years as both a journalist and market researcher.

Prodways Launches Manufacturing Ecosystem For Clear Aligners

Prodways, a firm developed in partnership with 3Shape, Full Contour, Imes-Icore and Dreve, announced its own Ecosystem at LMT Lab Day 2020 held in Chicago. The Ecosystem aims at manufacturing upto 1200 Dental Aligners per day. The company also owns MOVINGLight DLP, ideal for batch production of products like dental molds for aligners and also acquired SolidScape recently. It will, however, face a competition against companies like HP, which claim to produce 50,000 Aligners per day via Smile Direct Club.

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